How Can You Create Killer Headlines That Stop Readers Cold and Get Them to Buy?

By Using Proven Headlines That Sell Like Crazy!

Where do you find headlines like that?  Right here!  Cut and paste, modify, or emulate the 300+ tested and proven headlines in this collection to create the sales you've dreamed of.  It's never been easier to create headlines that will grab your readers by the throat and get them reaching for their wallets!


Headlines can make or break your business.

Without killer headlines, your prospects will move on to your competitors.


It's still true.  Without a compelling headline, no one is going to absorb your compelling sales copy.  The sale starts with the headline and if you can't stop prospects cold and get them into your body copy, they're done with you.

But, with a compelling headline, you get them to your second line, and then your third, and so on, until you close the sale.

It all starts with your headlines.

My name is Tony Seel, and for the past 28 years I've been doing marketing in my professional life.  I studied advertising in college many years ago, and more recently I have been writing for those who want to learn how to do their own advertising for their own business.

What makes a headline compelling?  A compelling headline gets noticed, it draws attention to your advertising, and it gets people to read your copy.

In Cut and Paste Headlines, you'll get over 200 proven headlines that you can cut and paste or emulate for your marketing.  The power in these headlines is immense, which is why I use them and other smart marketers do also.  That is, if they have them.

Get ahead of your competition with this collection of tested and proven headlines.  They've worked and they continue to work.

Here's an example for you, and honestly, I didn't include this one in the book.  Doug D'Anna wrote it when he was a young copywriter.  Here it is:

The Great Retirement Betrayal

How do I know that this was a powerful headline?  Because this headline worked so well for his client, Phillips Publishing, that they used it in over 20 million pieces of direct mail.  They made millions from the product that it advertised.

You know what else?  When I googled it I discovered that this exact headline is currently being used by a financial planner in Florida.

That's how great headlines work.  They get reused or reformulated or serve as inspiration for an entirely new headline.

What business magic will you create with this collection of over 200 of the very best headlines ever written?

Are You Ready to Amp Up the Selling Power of your Marketing?


It's a long established fact that headlines are the most important part of any print advertising.  A reader will either be drawn in by a headline or completely ignore marketing with a bad headline.

Bad headlines mean poor sales.  The better the headline, the better your chance to connect with potential buyers.  Get the best headlines ever for less than a fast food meal.

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What will Cut and Paste Headlines Do For Your Business?

  • Connect with Your Target Audience

    Put your best benefit forward and connect with your best target audience.

  • Build Your Persuasive Power

    Get greater numbers to read your sales copy and sell more products and services.

  • Give You An "Unfair" Advantage

    You’ll possess a ready collection of winning headlines that have demonstrated that they sell products and services, and give you a real advantage over your competition.

What kind of headlines are in
Cut and Paste Headlines?

The very best kind!  The kind that put you in position to sell your goods and services to your prospects.  With this collection, you will own...


  • 27 different kinds of headlines, all winners...
  • Cut and paste headlines for every kind of business...
  • Power points that explain how to use each kind of headline most effectively.

How can you use these headlines for maximum impact?

It's really simple.  Identify the problem that your product or service solves.  Identify how your product or service solves that problem.  Choose the headline that best showcases your solution.  It doesn't get any easier than that!

How can you be sure that they'll work for you?

This is simple too.  Remember The Great Retirement Betrayal?  It sold millions for Philips Publishing and it's still being used today by a financial planner in Florida.

The truth is that times change, but people don't.  People have the same needs, desires, hurts, and hangups as they ever did.  You can choose a power-packed headline to hit them between the eyes with a solution to whatever ails them and reap the profits.

How much is it worth to you to double, triple, or quadruple your current level of leads and sales?

There are no sales without interested prospects, and there are no interested prospects until you engage them.  Engagement starts with your headlines.

How many leads are you losing right now because of ineffective headlines?

How many sales have you lost because you couldn't even interest prospects enough that they'd hear you out?

How much money are you losing because of your poor headlines?

Turn Your Business Around Now By Maximizing Your Leads And Sales!

Now is the time to turn your business around - right now.  This "masterpiece collection" should be in the hands of every marketer.  Power up your headlines to power up your leads and sales.  Get the help you need right here, right now.  Worth $197, but value- priced at only $19.99.

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There is no risk to you - it's all on me.

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