Create Income Security with Micro Payments

Remember Blockbuster Video?  They filed for bankruptcy in 2010.  Their business fell apart due to competition from Netflix and Redbox.  In 2014, Redbox announced that they were shutting down their Redbox Instant that was intended to compete with Netflix in video streaming.  But, despite the annual articles about their demise, Redbox is still in business – for example, there are 17 Redbox locations in my area.

While Redbox hangs on, Netflix is king, at least for the moment, in the fast-moving world of video content distribution.  What can you learn from Netflix for internet marketing?  One learning is the power of recurring payments.  Netflix subscribers pay $7.99 a month whether they watch no movies and t.v. shows on Netflix or a zillion movies and t.v. shows each month.  That makes for a pretty tidy bottom line.

You can profit from a similar, reliable income stream for your internet business.  Adam Nolan has created an internet business model for information marketing based on selling low-priced content on a recurring basis for content that you craft based on your passion or strong interest.  His model is straight-forward and newbie-friendly.

If you’re still looking for your niche in the internet world, or you’d like to add a new stream of income to the business you’ve already created, look into Adam Nolan’s solution to all the complicated business models that are hard to learn and even harder to adapt to your situation.  Recurring income means regular positive cash flow for your business and you.



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