Cracking the Internet Marketing Code…

Today’s Throwback Thursday post on internet marketing returns from March 2014.  It’s been thoroughly revised.


If you are interested in a five, six or seven figure income from internet marketing, but aren’t all that knowledgeable about either the power of the internet or the power of marketing, you might wonder whether you have what it takes to create a new stream of income on the internet for yourself or your family.  So what does it take?

First, patience.  If you expect to make thousands of dollars in your first week, you will likely be disappointed. Just like any other business, an internet marketing business takes time to develop.  If you will put in some time, five to six days a week, you will make progress toward your financial goals.  You can do internet marketing part-time, as I do, but you need to at the very least keep an eye on your business daily.

How much money does it take to get started?  My initial expenses were $5.17.  Sound unbelievable?  That’s how much it cost for my domain and website.  I took advantage of a free month offer from AWeber, and I had the three essentials: a domain, a website, and an autoresponder for emails.

How much time does it take?  If you work with the right people, you can do this most days in less than an hour.  Does that sound unrealistic?  It’s not if you are using the right system.  You can devote more time to your business if you want to, and if you are working smart you can increase your profits with more time invested.  I can help you with this.

So, what is the right system?  There are a lot of them out there, but the one that I recommend is the one I learned from my mentor.  You can find out more about this from my free guide, The Simplest Way To Start Your Own Profitable Online Business by clicking here.  What makes one method superior to another is simply which one makes you most money with the same or less effort on your part.  Honestly, I haven’t tried them all, but I am very happy with the system I use and I believe that you will be too.

I published a blog post last week on the tools that are necessary for online success.  You can scroll down or click here to read that post.

Is there more to it?  There always is.  Anything that is worth doing includes regular learning and growing.  I am on that track, and if you’ll step on that track with me, you will have what it takes to succeed at internet marketing.


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