Conquering 5 Common Obstacles to Marketing Success

Whether it’s generating more traffic and leads, building credibility with your audience, content creation, SEO, or a myriad of other marketing challenges, it all still comes down to some basics.

The 6 Obstacles

1. Getting people’s attention. This is the work of your headlines and images, and if you haven’t yet done so, grab my free resource, The 10 Ultimate Headline Formulas to Maximize Your Profits. Without attention, you’ve got no where to go with your business.

2. To increase your visibility to reach more customers and clients, start with your content. With great content and SEO, your best prospects will find you. Add in social media and more of your best prospects will find you. Creating videos for YouTube is another channel to use to help people find you. Blogging, podcasting, and SEO are other ways. Use all these channels, maybe throw in some paid advertising, and you’ve got a winning recipe for increased visibility.

3. Once you’ve got them, the trick is holding their interest. This has to do with everyone’s favorite radio station – WII-FM. That stand for “what’s in it for me? Answer that question and you’re on your way to creating the interest that will get your prospects to consume your marketing. I recommend Bullet Points as a powerful way to hold interest AND to create sales. Then it’s a matter of convincing them that you have the answers to their problems.

4. Stand out from the crowd. What’s different about you and your products and services than what your competitor’s offer? Find that difference and you’ve got a key element to exploit in your marketing.

5. Get people to act. People respond to solutions for their problems, so what results do you deliver? A lead magnet that demonstrates what you have to offer is a great place to start. The bottom line is that if you want to grab more leads and sales, you’ve got to have great content WITH great calls to action.

Have you seen this Venn Diagram?

Perennial marketing challenges

Do you offer good products and services? If so, are they expensive? Generally, good and fast solutions are expensive. Whether it’s overnight delivery, emergency rooms, emergency appliance repairs, etc., urgency generally comes at a price.

But, maybe what you have to offer is good, slow and cheap. There’s a market for that. There’s even a market for fast, crappy, and cheap, but don’t expect repeat customers. Good, fast, and cheap? That’s the bullseye.

Marketing is about improving conversions and sales, and that gets back to grabbing attention, building interest, showing how your solutions are better than anyone else’s solutions, and persuading your prospects to act. If you can do all that, you’re a great marketer.

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