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Profiting From The Podcast Explosion

Today’s Throwback Thursday post was first published in June, 2014 and it is still true.  Consider the following infographic from Concordia University:

Podcasts are hot and now is the time to enter what is largely an untapped avenue for internet marketers.  Podcasts are downloadable short audio files that are profitable for a number of producers who have entered this market, according to Cecilia Lang of the Washington Post.  People want audio content and podcasts are a great way to provide it.


Apple reports that podcasts through iTunes has reached 1 billion subscribers.  Podcasts have been around for over ten years, but observers have recently seen a significant uptick in their popularity.

“It’s sort of a renaissance. Podcasts are in vogue,” says Todd Cochrane, chief executive of RawVoice, a podcast data research firm.  Rawvoice tracks 20,000 podcast shows and they document that unique monthly listeners have tripled in five years from 25 million to 75 million.

Shane Michaels reports that “More than 500,000 new users sign up for iTunes podcasts each day, and it is a fantastic way to reach people everywhere they are—in the car, while exercising, at home, and even at work.”

“It’s spreading like wildfire,” says John Lee Dumas, the host of “Entrepreneur on Fire,” a popular business podcast now on its 738th episode.

New York magazine reports that podcasting has become “a mini industry.”  They call this “the golden age of podcasting.”  Podcasts are becoming a popular alternative to radio listening for commuters as  Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have made podcasts more accessible in automobiles.

Edison Research reports that 39 million people in the U.S. listened to a podcast in October, 2013 which was the highest number ever recorded.  It’s even higher now.  Edison Research also reports that 15% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month, which is up from 9% in 2008.


This is a trend that you can profit from, but the question is how?

First, as with other avenues into internet marketing, you need to chose a niche.  What niche is it that you can provide valuable content that others will be interested in purchasing?

Second, set up a subscription service.  You may want to read or reread my post on micro payments.  This is a viable way for you to profit from podcasts.

Here’s a great article on Mashable about 9 Successful Techniques for Making Money from Podcasting.


12 Quick Tips For Content Promotion

Today’s Throwback Thursday post returns from November of last year.

Content promotion is the lifeblood of your business if you are blogging for online visibility and showing potential customers and clients your expertise in your niche.  But, how do you promote your content on the web?

First, let’s look at how content used to be promoted.  If you’re still doing this, please stop now – you’re hurting your business.  Here’s the old way for content promotion:

(Image from

Now, let’s talk about what works today.

12 Tips For Content Promotion

  1. Create content that drives traffic.  Easier said than done, right?  Not really.  There are types of blog content that are most likely to drive traffic.  These posts are expert interviews, infographics, resource lists, in-depth guides, long-list posts, and original research.
  2. Use Buzzsumo to find highly popular content from others on what you’ve decided to write about.  Buzzsumo is a great resource that can help you find lots of great ideas.  You’ll see another way to use Buzzsumo below.
  3. Once you have a great idea for great content and you’ve written your great content, the first place to start content promotion is to your email list (you do have an email list, right?).  Campaign Monitor reports that you’re six times more likely to get a  click from an email campaign than a tweet.  Your email list is your best option for blog readership, so always, always, always let your subscribers know about your new content.  Beyond notification, give your list what they want and they’ll come back for more over and over again.  Plus, they’ll give you a sense of what interests others in your niche as you take note of what they are responding to the most.
  4. Share your content through Facebook and Twitter.  There are free and paid ways to do this.  For more on this step, check out my 96 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tricks.
  5. Share your content through Pinterest and Instagram.  The best way I know how to do this is with Tailwind.
  6. Share on Viral Content Bee.  VCB is a site that promises to increase your traffic by 200%, and it’s free.
  7. Share your content to targeted audiences in communities like Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answers, Stumble Upon, or Inbound, but be careful about sending them anything that can be perceived as self-promotion.  Self-promotion is a no-no and it could get you banned.
  8. Share your content to targeted audiences in communities like Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answers, Stumble Upon, or Inbound, but be careful about sending them anything that can be perceived as self-promotion.  Self-promotion is a no-no and it could get you banned.
  9. Use Twitter’s advanced search to find people interested in your niche, connect with them, and tweet to them.
  10. Quuu Promote is one of the ways that the big boys and girls promote their content and they offer a free 14-day trial.
  11. Another way that the big boys and girls promote content is with Outbrain.  Outbrain is a pay for click service that starts at $20 a day.  I can say that I come across their services often when I’m looking at news and feature articles online.
  12. Once you’ve chosen your topic and written your content, there’s another way to use Buzzsumo.  Use Buzzsumo to find who are interested in content like what you have created.  Go back where you started with Buzzsumo by plugging in the keyword or words that you used in your initial search.  This time, find content like what you have created and click on “View Sharers” (it’s to the right of the post title).  Now, share your content via Twitter with those that come up on the next page (“See the Sharers Amplifying Content”).

Those are my 12 best tips for promoting your content.  What can you add to this?  I welcome your comments and questions and your likes and shares.

The Ten Best Ways to Promote Your Content in 2018

Who loves advertising?  Not very many, but content marketing is a way to get your message across in a way that doesn’t alienate your audience.  Demand Metric reports that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and it generates roughly three times as many leads. But how do you draw an audience to your content?

There are three powerful tools that you can use to drive traffic to your content.  Email, social media, and search engines are channels that will send traffic to your website.  Here’s how.

Your Best Tools for Content Promotion

In the diagram above, you see the three essential tools for content promotion.  Your email list gives you a dedicated group of readers, social media gives you a mix of followers and those who newly discover you, and search is about expanding your horizons even further.  Using these three tools leads to what Andy Crestodina, co-founder of Orbit Media, calls “content promotion feedback loops.”  This is what this looks like:

There is a synergy that works between email, social media, and search engines that catapults good content upward.  One of the bottom lines for this is that traffic leads to more traffic.  When those who like your content share it with others, your traffic increases.  When someone links to your content, you get more traffic.  That link also gets you ranked higher in search engines.

Let’s begin with clarity about what you want to accomplish from your content marketing.  Here’s a helpful exercise from Meghan Casey to get that clarity:

We start with your goals – this comes from answering the why question – why are you doing content marketing in the first place?  Next is the what question – what do you have to offer that will be of interest to others?

Third is the who question – who is your ideal target audience – who will be most receptive to your content?  Fourth is the emotional element.  As master salesman Zig Ziglar said, “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”  How will your content promotion grab your ideal target audience at the emotional level?

Fifth, what is the value proposition that you are offering potential customers?  What do they get from what you have to offer them?

The Ten Best Ways to Promote Your Content in 2018

Once you can answer those five questions, you are ready to promote your content.  Here are the 10 best ways that I know to promote your content in 2018.  We’ll start with social media.

Social Media Tips for Content Promotion

  1. Post about your content on your Facebook company page.  You can do this more than once a week using different images each time.
  2. Tweet about your content.  Twitter has doubled the number of characters limit to 280. plus you can use images.
  3. You can also post on Google+ and LinkedIn.  Use the same approach as on Facebook.

Search Engine Tips for Content Promotion

4. Optimize your posts with keywords, tags, and a good snippet that gives potential readers a taste of what your content has to offer.
5. Link to other posts on your site with a link inside your post or a “related articles” section below your posts.
6. Give your readers an opportunity to sign up to your email list from your website so that they can get regular notices about new content on your website.

Email Tips for Content Promotion

7. Notify your lists whenever you post new content.
8. Invite your email list to share your content with family, friends and work associates.
9. Use an “in case you missed it” email to remind those who haven’t opened your email about your new content to do so.

 #10 – write great content!  This is the most important thing you can do for your content promotion.  Great content gets more views, more views raises your search engine profile, and gets more shares and comments.

What would you add to these tips?  What has worked best for you?  I invite your comments and questions, and your likes and shares.

12 Growth Hacking Tips For Your Business

Growth hacking is a way that you can grow your business without spending massive amounts of cash doing so.  The previous post explains what growth hacking is and the traits of a growth hacker.  In this post, you’ll get 12 ways to grow your business using growth hacking.

12 Growth Hacking Tips For Your Business

  1. Read Sean Ellis’ original article on growth hacking here.  Become  your own growth hacker with the next 11 tips.
  2. “Sell your story, not your product.”  This comes from Allan Berger of Blossom.  Telling your story and why you created your products, or why you are promoting particular affiliate products is far more powerful than just pitching a product.  Des Traynor of Intercom offers two questions to help you get clarity on your business story.

    • What (other than making money) is the reason why you exist?
    • How will the world be a better place if you succeed?

    People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

    — Simon Sinek

  3. Set up your website as a blog and offer great content that demonstrates your expertise in your niche.  At, I offer content on many different aspects of marketing.  My niche is advertising and marketing and my products help people like yourself create great advertising and marketing for their businesses.
  4. Optimize your website for search engines, conversions, customer retention, and email subscriber retention.  Your website can be your showroom, your sales room, and so much more for your business.
  5. Get your content out to others through social media.  Here’s help for doing this.
  6. Create an enticing lead magnet that your audience can receive in exchange for their email address.  The money is still in the list, so build an email list to build your business.
  7. Use a drip campaign to convert your leads into buyers.  You can find more information about drip campaigns here.
  8. Create great landing pages for your lead magnet and products.  If you are an affiliate marketer, the vendors you’re working with will (hopefully) have high converting landing pages for their products and services.
  9. Use a content upgrade to incentivize sign-ups to your email list.  Write a great post and then invite interested readers to sign up for your list so that they can receive your content upgrade and announcements for new content.  Using this post as an example, a content upgrade could be 50 or 100 more tips for growth hacking.
  10. Offer incentives for feedback and product reviews.  These incentives could be discounts on future purchases, prizes, you name it.
  11. Engage in communities like Quora, LinkedIn, and reddit that pertain to your niche.  Contribute, interact, and build relationships to drive targeted traffic to your website.
  12. Use entry overlays to encourage website visitors to become email subscribers.  You may have noticed the “Get My Free Report” entry overlay to this site, and you may have signed up as a subscriber through that entry overlay.  Many sites use them because they are so effective.

What would you add to the 12 tips above?  Please reply with your comments and questions, and your likes and shares.