List Building: a key to your internet marketing success

One of the basics of internet marketing is building a subscriber’s list.  This list is made up of those who have opted into your one-time offer by providing you with their email address. This list is created through advertising and the best form of advertising that I have used for list building is solo ads.

Solo ads are purchased from vendors who have built up lists of thousands of email addresses.    What is most desirable is to have your one-time offer sent to a list of those who have responded positively to other email offers.  You are looking for solo ad sellers who have lists that convert – that is, get you sales.  You are in business to make some money, aren’t you?


To make money, grow your list.  Grow it with quality leads and you’ll be the one throwing the Gatsbyesque parties!

To run a solo ad, you will need a swipe.  A swipe is the email copy that you give to the solo ad provider to send to his or her list.  You’ve probably received a few of these yourself and your swipe, including a compelling headline in the subject line, will determine whether or not someone will read your email and subscribe to your list.

Solo ads are purchased according to clicks.  Clicks are measured in a few ways, but the most basic is when someone opens your solo ad email or clicks on your ad.  My advice to you is start small, buying 50 or 100 clicks.  Realize that not everyone that clicks on your ad will subscribe to your list, so your list building will take take and repeated ad buys.

Realize also that not all solo ad sellers are equal.  It is good to find a site (like or a successful internet marketer’s rolodex, that will give you some information on who you can trust and who you should stay away from.

Where are you going to send those who subscribe to your list?  You can create a lot of work for yourself by sending them to your personal email address, but there is a much better way. Sign up with AWeber (the company I work with and recommend) and use your account to compile and communicate with your list.  You can find AWeber on my Recommended Resources page.

Once you’ve started compiling a list, you will want to follow-up with those who have signed on with you.   Follow-up is an art, and it is good to have help with this.  I used James Francis’ Done for You Commissions  and I highly recommend this.

I hope that this is helpful for you.  If you have any questions, email me at support at (you know to replace the at with @).

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