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100s of the Exact Phrases That Professional Advertising Copywriters Use to Carry Their Copy to the Finish Line to Complete Sales!




Stop Agonizing Over Your Advertising Copy!


Dear Internet Marketer,

Trying to write copy that sells can be exhausting, sometimes painful.  After all, as much research as you've done, you don't personally know your audience, who they are, what "clicks" with them.  Hope isn't enough to sustain your business and push you to greater profitability.

So, you painstakingly write your advertising copy, hoping to connect with buyers.  But what happens when your copy doesn't move them.  You use the tried and true but it no longer works?  Or the formulas that you've relied on are no longer effective?

You want to keep pushing forward, but despite your best efforts, despite the time that you pour into your business, your business isn't even stumbling toward profitability.

My name is Tony Seel, and for the past 28 years I've been doing marketing in my professional life.  I studied advertising in college many years ago, and more recently I have been writing for those who want to learn how to do their own advertising for their own business.

Properly structured and presented advertising can pull you out of any hole that your business is currently digging under you.  The truth is that there are oceans of money flowing to those who know how to write compelling advertising copy.

What you need is a bucket brigade that can grab some of that money flow and put it into your pockets and accounts.  The best part of this is you don't have to be a writing genius to figure all this out.  I've created your own bucket brigade of phrases to insert into your copy that keeps readers reading, and turns readers into buyers.

Before fire hydrants, one of the ways that fires were fought was with a human chain equipped with buckets who passed water from person to person to throw on the fire.

Today, bucket brigade phrases encourage your readers to stay engaged with your copy.  They are conversational phrases that keep copy flowing and your readers reading.

Get 536 Words and Phrases to Slip Into Your Copy to Build Interest and Engagement

Advertising Expert Tony Seel Reveals:


Every competent advertising copywriter knows that the most important work is holding the interest of your prospects, and bucket brigade phrases are designed to do just that.


Bucket brigade phrases put life into dull copy and elevate even your best copy.  Whether it's transitioning from an introduction into the meat of your body copy, painting a mental picture for your readers, or drawing your readers in deeper, bucket brigade phrases enliven and empower your copy.   They carry your readers from beginning to end without any letup.


In Your Bucket Brigade, you get:


  • Phrases to use to transition into body copy...
  • Questions that hook your prospects...
  • Phrases that draw powerful mental pictures for your readers...
  • Words and phrases that create connections...
  • Attention Grabbers...
  • Getting Down to Business Phrases...
  • Questions Asked and Answered (the fancy word for this is "hypophora")
  • Conjunctions
  • Disjunctions
  • Call for Pause
  • Example and Detail Statements
  • Reminders
  • Summary Phrases
  • Markers
  • Getting to the Details
  • Epiphany/Insight Phrases
  • Words of Warning
  • Providing the Answer
  • Action Prompts
  • Questions and Phrases Before the Close
  • Preparing for the Close
  • Call to Action Words and Phrases

I've also included 36 words and phrases
to avoid and NEVER USE.


Get Your Bucket Brigade Now!


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Your Bucket Brigade border=


Use these exact phrases to create mouth-watering copy that causes readers to open their wallets and hand you their cash.  How valuable is this collection?


  • You can be your own copywriter and stop shelling out hundreds and thousands of dollars to "hired guns" who don't have the same passion that you do for your goods and services.
  • You can have this collection on your computer, available to you at any time, no matter where you are, ready to take your copy to its highest selling potential.
  • Easily use this collection right now to increase your conversions and return greater profits.
  • Reduce your work and massively improve your copy with this resource.

Stop racking your brain, trying to up your game to annihilate your competition.

This is a tool that you can easily use to break through the noise, stand above the crowd, and etch your message into the minds of your audience.

Average just doesn't cut it today - you need excellence to make the money that you are entitled to. Take action now and elevate your advertising copy above average to the excellence that produces sales.  




Your Bucket Brigade


Just One More Thing:

Our 365 Day Guarantee!

If you are dissatisfied with Your Bucket Brigade for any reason, I will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.  If Your Bucket Brigade does not improve your copy and sales, I will completely refund your investment.  You don't just have 30 days, or 60 days, you have a full year to decide.  You can't beat that!