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How many emails a day do you receive?  Today, the average number of business-related emails per day is 121.  That number is expected to jump to 140 by 2018.  Did anyone tell you that email marketing is dead?

There are people who are saying that email marketing is dead, but let them believe that. You can profit from their ignorance and be happy that they’re not clogging your subscribers’ inboxes with their stuff.

While social media and mobile marketing are the rage, email marketing continues to be a powerful medium for business.  Email is your direct link to your prospects and anyone who discounts that link is foolish.   The Direct Marketing Association says that the ROI for email marketing is about 4300%.

How do you use this powerful medium for your business?  First, no spam.  Make sure what you communicate via email is worth your recipients time and interest.  Think of email as offering your readers a trade – they give you some time and you give them some valuable information.

Your emails should deepen the relationship with your readers so that they grow in knowing, liking, and trusting you (yes, I’ve said that before about every element of your online business).  Good to great content does that, but first you need to get them to open your emails so they will receive your content.

So, the first order of business is a great subject line.  Otherwise, you won’t get enough opens to justify the effort that you put into writing the email.  Without opens, your email marketing is dead.  So, write great subject lines!  My free report on headline writing can help you with this.

Second, use your own voice in your emails.  People will get to know you, they will learn what your voice sounds like, and they will respond positively to what your write.  If you are just copying other people’s stuff your readers will pick up on this.  It was your voice that got them onto your email list in the first place, so write in your own personal, unique way.

Third, make sure that what you write is valuable to your readers.  They don’t want to read fluff, garbage, or stuff that is irrelevant to their lives.  The bottom line is don’t annoy or bore your readers.  Deliver quality content that is laser-targeted to your niche.

I’ll be posting more on email marketing next week, so stay tuned.  As always, your comments are welcome below.




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