Are Solo Ads Dead?

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Millionaire internet marketer Alex Jeffries declared in an email that I received yesterday,

“You’re hearing it here first, the solo ad is dead.”

Actually, I’ve heard that before and maybe you have too.  Jeffries says, “the party’s over.”

His reasoning is that so many people are using solo ads to build their subscriber lists that there’s lots of overlap and the lists are less responsive than in the past.  My mentor used solo ads to build his list and has more recently turned to Facebook ads which cost more but are better targeted and produce more sales.

Quality, targeted leads are not as accessible through solo ads as they once were.  This is why many marketers have turned to Facebook ads and other sources for leads.  Solo ad competition has increased, click-through rates have decreased, and that has resulted in fewer sales.

The turn toward video has been one response to the unresponsiveness of solo ads.  Use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Google Adwords have been other responses.  There are profitable alternatives to solo ads; the key is to know how to use them.

Are solo ads dead?  Not if you have a good source for them, a good ad to send to them, and a good landing page for those who respond.  But, there are other ways to advertise that are less expensive and more responsive.

Tomorrow my email list will be receiving my recommendation for a way out of the solo ad rat race.  If you’re not yet on my email list, join now so that you will get all the valuable information that I send out to my subscribers.

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