After 8 Seconds: 7 Tips to Power Up Your Ads & Emails

In my last post I talked about the 8 seconds that you have to make a connection with your readers.  You generally do this in a headline or subject line.  Once you’ve engaged your readers, what next?

body copy

That’s right, body copy.  Body copy is the writing that follows the headline.  Headlines spark interest; body copy sells your product or service.  So, what must you do to produce winning body copy?

In your body copy you show your readers how they will benefit from your product or service. Body copy is your sales presentation and it must demonstrate that your product or service meets an important need for your readers.  That need must be important enough that they will fork over their hard earned cash to you because you have the answer to their problem.

Good body copy elicits a desire that can be fulfilled by your product or service.  Here are 7 tips for writing effective body copy.

1. Get straight to the point.  Don’t take your readers on a wild goose chase.  If you do, guess what?  They’re gone.

2. Use a conversational tone in your writing.  Think of your body copy as a conversation with a friend.  Use your natural voice in your copy; make your copy informal, casual, and friendly.  Use simple language – you want to come off as a friend, not a Harvard professor.

3. Be clear and concise.  Your headline engendered interest to carry your readers beyond 8 seconds and your body copy continues to engage your readers so that they read all of it and buy your product or service.

4. Use stories in your copy.  This world loves stories and when you can employ stories in your copy you will touch more hearts.  The saying goes that we buy on emotion and justify our decisions with reason.  Stories elicit emotion.

5. Give solid reasons for the benefits of your product or service.  Once you’ve touched the heart it is important to back that up that connection with solid reasons.

6. Whenever possible use testimonials.  Social proof is a powerful force in convincing potential buyers that your product or service does what you say it does.  When your potential buyers see the positive results that others have gotten from your product or service it makes them more willing to take the sales plunge themselves.

7. In your call to action include the price.  People need to see what you are asking them to do.  Best practices say that it is essential that near the end of your ad you give your readers a chance to buy your product or service with a button that leads them to Paypal or some other payment method.

If you need more help in writing your body copy, check this out.

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