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Advertising Angles

The most important part of marketing that drives results is copywriting, and the angle, or idea, is what drives copywriting.   Advertising legend David Ogilvy called this the power of "the big idea."  The best advertising angles drive action because they connect deeply with prospects and create urgency.

Advertising angles are advanced psychologically-based ideas that are proven to generate a tsunami of sales in days to double, triple, or quadruple your revenue.  Put the top angle in your headline and lead, and you're 80% ahead of your competition.

You began your internet marketing business with high hopes, but what has happened? Have the cold realities of business put out your fire?  It's time to relight the fire and get your business profitable NOW.  How?

With Advertising Angles.

My name is Tony Seel, and for the past 28 years I've been doing marketing in my professional life.  I studied advertising in college many years ago, and more recently I have been writing for those who want to learn how to do their own advertising for their own business.

Angles are the magical approaches that produce believable and compelling sales hooks that influence prospects and produce customers who gladly open their wallets and create sales and profits for you.

In five short videos, I will reveal to you the 26 most powerful advertising angles to spur interest and generate sales.

Why 26?

Because these 26 angles give you an arsenal to handle any situation.

After these 26, the level of return drops off dramatically.

If you want to double, triple, or quadruple your sales,  you need these angles.

Want to know what really works?  That biggest of big questions is answered for you in Advertising Angles.

Get clarity of mind about what angles will be the most productive for your advertising and unlock the sales that you deserve.

Stop leaving money on the table - pocket that money by creating the advertising that will influence, persuade, and sell, sell, sell...


This is what you get:

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You will discover…

…how to choose the angles that are most relevant to your products and services…
…how to choose the right angle or angles that are most relevant to your potential buyers…
…how to craft your ads around your best angle or angles.

    • Five Videos Filled with the 26 Top Advertising Angles
    • Examples for Every Angle to Inspire You
    • Discover How to Think Your Way to Better Advertising
    • How to Appeal to the Needs, Fears, and Desires of Your Best Prospects
    • How Finding Your Ideal Target Audience Lowers Your Ad Costs

    My fellow marketer,

    There is no power greater in advertising than these 26 advertising angles.  Equipped with this power you can unlock the untold fortunes that accrue to those who know the deep secrets of the advertising profession.  The 26 advertising angles revealed in this video training are the keys that unlock the mysterious world of advertising superpower.

    The truth is you don't have to pay copywriters the big bucks to unlock these mysteries for you.  Once you know them, you can use them yourself and skip writing the big check to THEM.

    There are secrets that professional copywriters don’t want you to know.  If you know these secrets, you can do your own advertising and you won’t need them.

    You are going to discover how to say goodbye to spending hundreds and thousands of dollars in fees to copywriters.

    The truth is, you can do it better than they can.  Why?

    • Because you know  your products and services better than they ever will...
    • You’re passionate about your business in a way they will never be...
    • ... and you know your niche in ways they honestly don’t care about.

    Once you know what they know, you can do what they do (and save yourself the cash and aggravation).

    No more shelling out big cash for hired guns.

    Here’s what you need to know to do your own advertising copy:

    You’ve got to know the angles.

     Get ready to say hello to the kind of ad copy that creates sales and profits for you.

    Are you ready to connect with the people most likely to buy your products or services?

    With Advertising Angles you can do so.

    The right advertising angle attracts the best prospects for your products and services.  That means better sales and lower ad costs.

    That’s the superpower that Advertising Angles unleashes.

    Whatever your niche…

    Whatever your products and services…

    Whatever your target audience….

    You need Advertising Angles.

    Without the right angles,
    potential buyers will slip away,
    sales and profits will slip away,
    your business will slip away…

    With the right angles, you will turn prospects into buyers, and buyers into raving fans
    who will actually help you sell more.

    That’s the superpower
    that’s released
    when you know the right angles.


    Watch, learn and use these angles to grow your sales and income.

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    These proven angles will dramatically increase your sales and they're revealed in five short videos.


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    Advertising Angles


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