About I.I.M.

Hi, I’m Tony Seel.  As the founder of Irresistible Influence Marketing, I am glad that you stopped by!  As an experienced advertiser, advertising strategist, advertising instructor and coach, I am glad that you’ve taken the time to research how you can become a better advertiser yourself.

As you might have guessed from my picture, I’m a pastor.  What you can’t see in my photo is my extensive background in marketing and advertising.  I studied advertising in college and have been doing advertising and marketing for decades.

My introduction to online marketing came through eBay.  After being an eBay seller for over ten years I found my passion: helping you create a great online business.  Advertising is the backbone of any marketing, online or otherwise, and I’ve created four products to help you monetize your online efforts.  The place to get started is with my free resource, “The 10 Ultimate Headlines Formulas To Maximize Your Profits.”  Click on the blue button below to download your copy.


On this blog, tonyseel.com, you’ll find valuable and free content to grow your email list, create content for your blog, and a host of other topics related to online marketing.  I’ve been doing marketing and advertising online and elsewhere for many years and I can help you grow your business.

My mentor helped me realize that I have knowledge and experience that would help others who are starting out on an internet marketing journey of their own or trying to scale their business to new heights.  This is the purpose of Irresistible Influence Marketing.

Since buying my first computer in 1990, I have learned a great deal about computers and a few years ago I saw how the computer can be a tool for creating a better lifestyle!  I’ve come to understand how the internet is an excellent tool for marketing and sales.

I’m using my background in marketing and advertising to help others like yourself discover how profitable internet marketing can be for selling products and services. I’ve been working with an expensive mentor (it’s true, and he told me I could say that!) to learn all I can about digital marketing.

My specialty is helping people like you earn their first $1,000 online and then showing them how to scale their businesses up to tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve learned by trial and error what doesn’t work, and I have since learned the best practices to scale your online business from $1,000 to $10,000 in profits. I’d love to teach you how to do this.

When I’m not serving my church or spending time on the computer, I enjoy music, movies, reading, politics, golf, bowling (one of my winter activities), cycling, and sailing.  There aren’t enough hours in a day for family, work, friends, play and other pursuits! I guess that’s what you call the “internet marketing lifestyle!”

Stay tuned to my blog for regular updates on my journey and to discover the proven path to having YOUR own successful internet marketing business.

To your success!

Tony Seel