How To Avoid Wasting Your Money Trying To Make Money Online


Okay, you know and I know that there are plenty of scammers who want your money and who will make all kinds of promises to you to get your money.  You also know that empty promises can empty your pockets and bank account.  How can you know what’s a marketing systems are a total scam and what’s legit?

Jay Gumbs writes reviews of internet products and he is a good sleuth when it comes to fake claims and internet scams in general.  He gives three guidelines that are helpful for identifying internet scams.  I was researching an affiliate marketing opportunity when Gumbs raised the red flags for me on a particular product.

First, unrealistic promises.  Remember the old adage that says if it sounds too good to be true it probably is?  That adage is particularly relevant to internet deals.  “The Easy Way To Make One Million Dollars”  That’s too good to be true.   Even a solid, proven system will take time and effort to produce good results, let alone six or seven figure results.

Second, dubious testimonials.  Listen carefully to the testimonials – do they sound legit?  If your suspicion radar goes off, listen to it!  One scammer purportedly solicits testimonials on  How much do you think a $5 paid testimonial is worth?  It’s certainly not worth your hard-earned cash.

Third, screenshots of earnings.  These too can be faked, so be cautious about believing the screenshots that show huge earnings.  Skeptism is a good trait when evaluating these claims.

When evaluating internet opportunities, check out reviews.  You can google literally any product with the product name plus the word “review” and often turn up multiple reviews. Some of those reviews are actually affiliate sales offers for the product that are masquerading as an unbiased review, so read the reviews with a critical eye!

Even so, read the reviews whenever you are unsure about something that is being offered for sale to you.  There are plenty of scammers; fortunately there are more honest business persons, but when in doubt, check them out!


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