7 Things You Need To Know About I.M. Right Now

Today’s Throwback Thursday post returns from September 2014 (and it’s still relevant!).

If you are interested in internet marketing there are 7 things that you need to know right now to be at the top of your game this year.

Jayson Demars wrote an article in Forbes last September that has proven true on every count. Here are his points:

1. Content marketing is bigger than ever. That means that information marketing in hot niches will perform well for savvy marketers.

By the way, social media is one of the hottest platforms for content marketing today.  96 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tricks is designed to help you effectively use social media for your business.

2. Social media does not just mean Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The social media trend has moved into YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and other social media platforms as well.  How many of these are you using?

3. Images rule.  America and Europe particularly are highly visual cultures (and I understand that Europe includes a number of different cultures).  Include pictures with your content to grab the most eyeballs.

4. Keep it simple.  This is a long-standing principle that is more important than ever.  We live in a micro-second culture with images and messages constantly bombarding consumers.  Keep your messages short and simple.

5. Make your message mobile.  Mobile platforms continue to grow in significance and advertising that is not optimized for mobile will be left in the dust.  Adapt or perish!

6. Ad retargeting is growing.  Demars reports that advertisers have taken notice of the 2% sales rate of first visits and have devised a way to use browser cookies to place ads in the places frequent by those who have shown interest in their products and services.  If you haven’t noticed this yet, you will.

7. Social shares push SEO.  Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines heavily weight social shares for SEO.  So, if you can get your readers to share your content, your SEO will
improve and so should your sales.

That’s it.  It’s a lot, but every single point is important as you enter the last quarter of 2014 (and still relevant in 2017. ed).

Which insights are you already using?

Which ones have the greatest potential to move your business forward?

Which ones do you need to incorporate right now?

I invite your comments and questions, and your likes and shares.


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