7 Indispensible Tips for Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the easiest ways to break into internet marketing.  How many businesses do you know that you can start up for as little as $5.17.  I bought my tonyseel.com domain on special from Go Daddy for $1.17 and I started this website on IPage for $3.  AWeber, my autoresponder was $1.00 for the first month.  That’s $5.17!  Facebook ads are as cheap as $5 a day.

Yes, there are more expenses than the ones that you incur at the very beginning, but affiliate marketing is perfectly scalable.  You can ramp up your advertising as you make sales.  Here’s seven of my most important tips for getting your affiliate marketing business profitable:

1. Think relationships first.  Affiliate marketing is based on people knowing, liking and trusting you.  Relationships are always a process.  First, people get to know you as they learn of you from an ad, a post, an email, or some other way of introduction.

If they want to go further with you they will join your list and receive regular emails from you.  Through your emails and other contacts, people learn more about you, and as they do so they either like you or not, trust you or not.  Your part in this process is giving them every reason to like and trust you by what you send them whether it’s an email, a video, whatever.

2. Focus on building your list.  The larger your email list, the more sales and income you will generate.  As you build your list, you will be building your business.  As your list grows numerically, continue to work on building trust with your subscribers.

3. Promote wisely.  If you send your list junk, guess what?  They’ll think you’re a junk dealer and they will likely learn not to trust you.  People want valuable content and quality products.  If this is what you deliver, they will learn to like and trust you.  When that happens, you are more likely to be a successful affiliate marketing.

4. Promote products that solve a problem or otherwise help your subscribers.  If your subscribers know that you have their best interests at heart, they are more likely to be open to what you are promoting.

5. Promote what you use.  You’ve heard of endorsements?  Of course.  Well, why not endorse what works well for you?  If it works for you, it makes sense to tell others about it.  On my Recommended Resources page you’ll find IPage, Go Daddy, AWeber, Paypal, and fiverr.  I use all these services, I’ve found them all to be great, and so I recommend them to others.

6. Continually work on improving your copywriting skills.  If your email subject lines don’t compel your readers to open your emails, your business is dead.  If the copy inside your email doesn’t compel them to click through to a sales page, your business cannot be profitable.  Email marketing is the backbone for affiliate marketing and your success will be largely determined by your copywriting.

7. Always stay “white hat.”  White hat means completely honest and ethical.  When you maintain the highest standards of integrity for your business, you will earn the trust of those who know you.  To go “black hat” is a sure way to lose the trust of your subscribers.  Give your audience every reason to know, like, and trust you, and no reason to discount, dislike, or distrust you.

Those are my seven; what would you add?  As always, you are invited to continue the conversation in the comments section below.



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