Today’s Throwback Thursday post is one of the most popular on and it returns from May, 2014.  It has been thoroughly revised and updated.

There are so many aspects to online marketing, but when I whittle it down it comes to these six:

Marketing Expertise

These six ingredients, when mixed together properly will turn marketing hell into marketing heaven.  They will determine your online marketing success.  These six will determine whether your online marketing experience is successful or a failure.  You may not have all six right now, but you can grow into them as you grow your business, and together they are the power you need to create a business that you love.

Let’s take each one separately.

1. Skills – if you can do something and share it with others, that is a potential profitable niche for you. It will be profitable if others are interested and you can get the word out that you’ve got what they want. What is the skill that you have that others would pay to learn for themselves?

2. Knowledge – if you have not only the skills but the ability to communicate what you can do so that others can learn to do it too, you’re on your way.  How can you best communicate what you have so that others can profit from your knowledge?  Channels could be video, written materials, coaching, or a variety of other means for transferring your knowledge to others.

3. Experience – it’s great to have skills and knowledge, but without the level of experience that can help others overcome obstacles, it’s going to be hard for those who are interested in your product (whether it’s coaching, information marketing, or whatever) to believe that you are the person they should be handing their money over to.  What experience do you have in the area of your skills and knowledge?  How can you gain additional experience to bolster your credentials as an authority in your chosen niche?

4. If you’ve got the first three, the question then becomes are you passionate about what you want to market? If so, that will come out, it will be contagious, and you will find buyers.  The question is, whether there are enough potential buyers in the niche that you carve out for your business, which leads up to the next aspect of your internet business.

5. Marketing expertise.  Knowing how to sell your products is a barrier to profitability for the majority of wannabe internet marketers.  This is why I’ve created my products – to give you an easy path to becoming a great marketer.  Click here to see what you need to know to profitably promote your products and services.

6. Profitability – if the product you have to sell is sufficiently interesting to enough potential buyers at a price that they deem acceptable (or a bargain), you will profit.  But, is your skill, knowledge and experience in a potentially profitable niche?  The cheapest way to assess this is to do an internet search and see how much interest there is in the niche you are seeking to enter.

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