6 Easy Steps for Launching Your Product


Can you make money with affiliate marketing? Without question. There are affiliate marketing millionaires. Do you want to make even more? The way to do so is through creating your own products.  Once you’ve created your first product, the question is how do you best launch it to the world?

Let’s take one step back:  you’ve found your niche and you’ve built your audience with your website and email list.  Now, what would be the best product that you can create that will be of help for your audience?  That’s the place to start with for product creation.  Once you’ve created your product, it’s time to launch.  How can you best do that?

  1. Establish the right price for your product.  What is the right price?  Not too cheap and not too expensive, right?  Seriously, check out your competition.  What are they charging for similar products?  What value does your product offer that justifies a particular price point?  This is what Martiel Beatty of MB Branding Solutions advises: “What is the first price that comes to mind that you believe you could safely sell your product for? Write it down, and now raise it 20%.”

2. Can you get influencers to help you?  They’re not going to do this for free, so what can you offer them that will bring them into your camp?  Once you’ve figured that out, who is a giant in your niche who you can contact?  To choose your influencers, look for those in your niche who have large and loyal followings.

3. Real estate sales guru Grant Cardone advises that you “go overboard with outreach.”  Grant may be much more aggressive than you are, but you can learn from him.  Grant recalls,

“For my 10X Growth Con 2 in Las Vegas, I created 1,023 tweets, 26 YouTube videos, 198 emails and countless Instagram posts. Some think that’s excessive, but 9,000 people showed up. I called one guy back after he told me to never call again. He was outraged and hung up. The next day, I called again and he bought a $10,000 ticket.”

Okay, Grant is really aggressive, but you don’t have to be. But, you do need to be in the game, which means doing regular outreach.  Are you using multiple channels to communicate your business?  At a minimum, this means email and social media.

4. Create a landing page.  This landing page should be a sales page whose length is commensurate with the price of your product.  For a low-priced product, your landing page can be shorter.  For a higher-priced item, your landing page should highlight every benefit and feature in a thorough way.

5. Make sure that your product delivery method works.  There’s nothing more frustrating for buyers than completing the purchase and not getting their product.

6. Buy advertising to sell to your target audience.  Build out your advertising as you make sales.

Now that you’re off and running, get feedback from your buyers, and don’t be afraid of tweaking your products based on the feedback that you receive.

What would you add to this launch list?  I invite your comments and questions and your likes and shares.




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