50 Milliseconds – That’s All


The first impression of a website is made in 50 milliseconds.  Does that surprise you?

The average person makes that important first impression in just 50 milliseconds – that’s 0.05 seconds.  Then that same average person generally gives you another 10-20 seconds for you to give them a reason to stay on your website.

Three studies verify the 50 millisecond time for first impressions. Microsoft Research came up with the 10-20 second figure.  According to their research, (which was based on over 2 billion dwell times), the first 10 seconds are absolutely critical.  The probability of visitors leaving your website are highest in those first seconds.

If you pass the first 10 second test, visitors will generally look around your website for another 10 seconds.  If they stay for 30 seconds, it’s likely they will stay longer, often two minutes or more.  You can see that your first impression and first ten seconds are critical. Beyond that, every second counts up to 30 seconds.

How do you keep people on your website?  You must convince your visitors that you deliver value – it’s that simple.  People are skeptical and often feel rushed.  There are a lot of trashy websites and rushed people value their time.  To cut through the clutter you absolutely must offer valuable content.

Take-aways: check your traffic information.  How many visitors do you get per week and month?  How long do they stay?  The first measure assesses whether you are getting enough traffic.  The second measure determines whether you are offering enough content to hold your audience.  If you fail at either measure, your website is under-serving your business.

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