10 Reasons to Start an Internet Business Now!




I was on a webinar recently with Alex Jeffries and his presentation reminded me of why I started in internet marketing.  Whether you need to pay off loans, bills, want to create a new job, or looking for some extra side cash, internet marketing is a great way to go for several reasons.  Here’s ten of them:

1. Low start-up costs. I started for $5.17.  That amount paid for my domain and web hosting, and one month of AWeber (if you don’t know what AWeber is, check out my Recommended Resources page).  How many other businesses do you know that you can start for that little?

2. Low overhead.  Think about it.  No pricey office, no expensive inventory, and low overall monthly costs.  You can sell information products, drop ship physical products, or choose a host of other options that keep your costs low and your margins high.

3. Put the first two reasons together and they add up to low risk.  Low start-up costs and low monthly costs mean that you don’t have to put your life savings or money you don’t have at risk.

4. Increase your income.  You can start small and scale up while you’re working a regular job.  Put in the time you want to put in and reap the rewards.  You can grow your business into supplemental income or a new job for yourself.  Scalability is one of the greatest aspects of an internet business.

5. Access to billions of buyers.  There are billions of people on the internet and it’s growing every week.  What other business gives you access to so many potential customers?

6. Be your own boss.  Are you tired of working for others?  Having a boss can be a drag; internet marketing can be a great way out of the daily grind of working for someone else.  Plus, when you work for yourself, you’ve got the ultimate in job security.

How many businesses do you know where you can not only be the boss, but set your work hours for any time of day or night? You can’t do that with retail franchise.  How many businesses do you know where you can do that?

7. Do work that you’re passionate about.  How many jobs have you had that you were truly passionate about?  Probably not many, if any at all.  But, start your own internet business in a niche that you are passionate about and you will wake up every morning excited to get going.  You can sub-contract the work you don’t want to do and focus on what you do want to do.

8. Run your business from anywhere. One of the greatest expenses for a traditional bricks and mortar business is an office or storefront. I do my work from a Lazy Boy recliner in my man cave. I don’t have to leave home to run my business.  But, if I’m traveling I can invest in my business wherever I am.

This fall I did my business from three airports, a motel room, and a fast-food restaurant.  My mentor loves to vacation in Italy. When he does he takes his business with him. That may not sound like a vacation, but what he does is a half hour or so of connecting with clients in the morning and he’s on vacation the rest of the day.

Whether it’s vacation, some other kind of travel, or you don’t want leave home, internet marketing allows you to run your business from wherever you have your computer or mobile device and access to the internet.

9. Your internet business is open 24/7,  365 days a year. Whether you’re online or not, your business is up and running.  With proper automation, your business will make you money whether you’re online or sleeping.

10. If you’re a working mom, you can cut your childcare expenses by working from home.  If  you’re a stay-at-home dad, you can bring in more family income.

That’s ten solid reasons and there are more.  What is attractive to you about an internet business?  As always, share your insight in the comments section below.


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