4 Reasons Not To Curate Content On Your Blog

Okay, I’m convinced. I’ve done it in the past, but no more. Curating content for you blog will kill your search engine optimization. How?

First, 78% of marketers curate content according to sparkreaction.com. So, given that, you’d think it must be a good practice, right? Well, social media sharing is great, but it is terrible to do on your blog.  Here’s why.

When you repost entire articles, or even a portion of an article with a link to the rest of it, you may think your doing your readers a wonderful service. Maybe that’s true, but what you may not realize is that you’re also giving your readers a reason to navigate away from you website. That’s not good for your business.

Second, you also put yourself in position to have your SEO downgraded through what is called the “duplicate content penalty.” That’s a red card for your website; it’s the SEO equivalent of plagiarism.

Third, if the original site changes the content or deletes it, you’re put in a bad place with your readers by giving them outdated information or worse, giving them dead links. A bad user experience reflects poorly on you and your business.

A fourth reason not to curate content is that you might be sending your readers to a competitor. Why would you want to do that?

Have a convinced you? I hope so, because if I have you are one step closer to the success that you seek for your business.

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