3 Words to Propel Your Business Forward in 2019


Whether you haven’t yet started your online business, or you’ve started and you’re not profitable yet, change is possible.  Do you believe that? If so, let’s outline some essential ways to get your business started or get your business to profitability in 2019.

In the early stages of a new venture we often wonder whether our efforts will pay off.  I was fortunate.  I made my first sale pretty soon after converting my online business to a new format and my business has grown since that point.

We just started a new year and things can change.   Here’s how:

A number of years ago, Stephen Covey published his best-selling book, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.  What if we could get it down to just three things that can turn your business and life around?  

That’s what I intend to do here.  What I am about to share predates Covey’s work by decades.  It’s still around because it works and it’s based on just three words.

First, vision.   If you want to succeed in business it all starts with a vision of your ideal future. What do you have a passion to achieve?  Vision is a function of your inner self that can propel you into a better future.  A compelling vision is a source of hope and courage.

If your vision is big enough and compelling enough, you will find the courage and determination to reach it.  You will push through difficulties because you believe that your vision is worth it.  You will invest your time and soul into achieving your dreams because you believe that your dreams have positive life-changing power for you.  Vision is the most powerful agent of change that you possess.  So, what’s your vision for your future?

Second, Intention.  This is where your will kicks in.  You’ve heard the aphorism, where there’s a will, there’s a way.  It’s true.  When you have the necessary determination to do something, you will do it.

Intention means that you are going to do what’s necessary to achieve your vision.  This means that you will decide to change anything inside of you that is preventing you from achieving your vision.  What is it inside you that is blocking your forward progress?

This could be fear, procrastination, laziness, or a host of other attitudes that hinder your personal and business growth.  There are deeply rooted habits that you will likely need to overcome to achieve your dreams. What are they?  How will you get rid of them?

There can also be external circumstances that prevent your progress.  How will you deal with these obstacles to your success?  Again, with a compelling vision, you will figure out how to get around these impediments to fulfilling your vision.

Third, Means.  With a solid vision and the commitment of intention, you will find the means to achieve your goals.  Do you need more training?  Is there something lacking in your business plan (you do have a business plan, right?)?  What are the resources that you need to make your vision your reality?  If you are sabotaging your own efforts, what inner work do you need to do to change that?

With a compelling vision and the intention to make it a reality, you will find the means necessary to fulfill your dreams.  That’s it – VIM – vision, intention, and means.

So, what’s holding you back right now?  Is your vision compelling enough to motivate you? Do you have the right intention to move forward?  Have you amassed the means necessary to propel you forward?

Do you have the VIM to succeed?  Vim is from the Latin “vis,” meaning direction, strength, force, vigor, power, energy, or virtue.  VIM charts the path to success.  Use it, and you can achieve your dreams.

[This post is based on the work of Dallas Willard and Don Simpson in Revolution of Character.]

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