3 Ways Video Will Help Grow Your Business


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My wife tells  me all the time that I talk too much about some things.  If she knew how much I talk about using video for online marketing she would tell me to shut up already!  But video is such a great way to market and I believe so strongly that you can profit from this that I believe it would be a disservice to you to shut up now.

SEOmoz.org did a study of posts with and without video.  On average, for posts with only text, readers stayed on the page for 4:34 minutes.  For posts with images and text, the average increased to 4:48, not a really big jump.  This is where it gets interesting: posts with only video averaged 6:00 minutes of engagement.  That’s huge!

Broken down a different way, posts with videos averaged 5:29 minutes of engagement versus 4:46 minutes for posts without video.  Again, that’s huge.  Video also outpaces text and text with images for social sharing, Facebook likes, Tweets, and Google+ 1s.  Are you convinced yet that video needs to be a part of your marketing strategy?

Video is expected to capture 69% of consumer traffic this year (2017), and businesses large and small are using video effectively for promotion, training, and as a means to communicate free and paid content.  On-demand video is growing exponentially and you can tap into this growing trend to deliver content for your own sales and profits.  You can do so on your web pages or blog, youtube, Vimeo, and in email marketing.

Why is Video So Effective?

One of the reasons that video marketing is so powerful has to do with a key dynamic of video. With reading, many skim and scan, but you can’t do that with video.  With reading, we set our own pace and read what we want to read.  Video is much different.

Watching video is a passive experience for which the audience has little control.  The video sets the pace and delivers an experience that combines images, graphics, and text with audio for a more emotional experience than text alone.  Plus, because of the variety and amount of different stimuli in a video presentation, this medium can deliver much more content than reading alone.

Because of this, the emotional engagement of the viewer is much stronger than the engagement of a reader.  With video you can create an emotional bond with your prospects and customers that is much stronger than by using mere words (and I truly believe in the power of words!).

It’s been said that if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth a 1,000 words, 25 times a second.

Combine videos with social media for marketing and you’ve created a very powerful synergy. With nearly 250 million users, Twitter is a fabulous place to publicize your videos.  Many videos can be played directly from Twitter or Facebook which makes for seamless marketing. If you have business-related content, LinkedIn is a solid platform for reaching business professionals.

3 Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Business

First, video will help you with your branding.  When you are creating your own videos, people will connect with you in a much stronger way.  We talk about writing your own copy so that your voice comes out, but how about combining your copy with your actual voice?  That’s powerful!  The real you will come out in videos in ways that aren’t possible with text alone.

That is important for your business success because it helps people know, like, and trust you on a much deeper level.  When that happens your business can explode with sales and growth.  Isn’t that what you’re after?  If not, internet marketing can be an expensive hobby.

Second, search engines love video!  You’ll benefit as Google often includes an image from a video in search results.  Search results with images get higher click-through rates which means higher viewership for your videos.

Did you know that youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google?  Have you ever thought of youtube as a search engine?  When you put your video content on youtube you are opening another channel for people to find you and youtube as a search engine will help people find you.  This will help your brand awareness and help you grow your business.

Third, for some of the same reasons that video helps your branding, it also helps your sales conversions.  Increased engagement and trust leads to higher sales and that’s exactly what video can deliver.

If you’re not yet using video, why not?  Do you see how not doing so is limiting your sales and profits?  If you do, it’s time to take action to propel your business into the 21st century!


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