17 Internet Trends You Should Know About…


Mary Meeker is legendary for her Internet Trends reports.   Meeker, a partner with Kleiner Perkins, released her 2016 trends report on June 1, and here are some highlights from her 200+ pages report:

  • While 42% of the world are internet users, the year to year growth rate of users is flat at 9%.  Even with flat growth, the 3 billion internet users means that the internet remains the greatest tool for reaching the most people globally.
  • Smartphone purchases are slowing while Android continues to gobble up market share. The average selling price of Android phones is dropping.  India is the leading nation for user growth.
  • U.S. digital advertising growth is moving to mobile and booming with Facebook leading the way.  From 2014 to 2015, Facebook advertising grew by 59%, Google Ads by 18%, and other platforms by 13%.
  • Snapchat and Facebook Live are leading the huge growth in online video viewing.  However, video advertising isn’t as great a channel as some marketers are saying.  Learn what these terms mean: semi-live and real-live.  There are currently about 10 billion short video views per day.
  • Facebook and WeChat are the main channels for messaging and messaging is growing quickly.  Whatsapp has the most users and is owned by Facebook.  WeChat is number three, followed by Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • According to Adweek, Snapchat is the fastest growing social network.  Meeker highlights what she calls the Snapchat trifecta of uses: Stories (personal), Live (personal and pro curation, and Discover (professional).  She reports that 70 million snapchatters view Discover each month.
  • Snapchat offers sponsored content creation tools like Snapchat Lenses to drive huge engagement and sneak past ad blockers.
  • The average global user has 33 apps and uses 12 of them daily.  80% of their time is spent on 3 apps.  Messaging apps are becoming the new home pages and portals.
  • Google and Facebook hold 76% of U.S. online advertising and their market share is growing.  New media is where the audience and action has moved, but many advertisers haven’t made the shift which means more opportunity for you, especially if your advertising is optimized for mobile.
  • Ad blocking is up 94% year to year worldwide on mobile devices.  China and India lead the way on this.  Either you get creative and grab people or you will likely miss them or alienate them.
  • The buying power of millenials is growing as they age, and connecting with them means understanding their values – more on this in an upcoming post.
  • The rise of millenials means more emphasis is needed on visual presentations on social media channels like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • hyper-targeting allows marketers to hyper-focus ad spends on the most lucrative demographics.
  • Internet growth in China outpaces the U.S.  There are currently 668 million internet users in China and as disposable income in China increases, so will the demand for mobile apps and services.
  • WeChat’s share of Chinese mobile time spent is 35%.  The percentage of WeChat users in China who made commerce purchases doubled this year.
  • Multi-national corporations outside of technology fields are buying up tech companies as a way to grow their businesses and move into digital platforms.
  • Quoting Meeker: “Cybercrime remains a huge global problem with individuals and businesses needing to beef up security…”

You can find highlights from her slide deck here: http://techcrunch.com/gallery/internet-trends-report-2016/.

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