15 Growth Hacking Tips For Your Business

Today’s Throwback Thursday post returns from December 2017.

Growth hacking is a way that you can grow your business without spending massive amounts of cash doing so.  Depending on who you’re talking to, growth hacking may mean conversion optimization or digital transformation.

What growth hacking is really about is finding the one change or adjustment that increases your sales exponentially.  The previous post gives a more in-depth look at what growth hacking is and the traits of a growth hacker.  In this post are 15 ways to grow your business using growth hacking.

15 Growth Hacking Tips For Your Business

  1. Commit yourself to adopting a growth hacking mindset.  What this means is staying lazer-focused on the growth of your business.  Make growth hacking part of your long-term strategy for business success.
  2. Begin with your product or service.  What can you do to what you offer to maximize its value to your target audience?
  3. Identify the elements of your strategy that lead to growth and maximize these elements.  Content Marketer Sarah Peterson at Unsettle boils this down really well, saying, “Find what works and do more of it.”
  4. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré of Zest.is says, “Real growth hacking means you’re focusing on high-impact, short-term objectives; you’re planning, running, and analyzing experiments; and you organize and prioritize ideas by what is the easiest to implement coupled with the highest yield.”
  5. Josh Fechter, Co-Founder and CEO of Badass Marketers & Founders sees growth hacking as “creating the right relationships faster.”  What he means by this is that growth hacking is about building strong relationships that turn prospects into buyers in the shortest possible time.
  6. Social Media Strategist Rachel Pederson goes deeper with this, saying, “Instead of going wide to increase exposure and followers, the new definition of growth hacking should be to go deep with existing consumers. This means investing in loyalty. Loyal customers share, they tag friends and family, write reviews, forward emails, and more.”
  7. “Sell your story, not your product.”  This comes from Allan Berger of Blossom.  Telling your story and why you created your products, or why you are promoting particular affiliate products is far more powerful than just pitching a product.  Des Traynor of Intercom offers two questions to help you get clarity on your business story:What (other than making money) is the reason why you exist?
    How will the world be a better place if you succeed?

    People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

    — Simon Sinek

  8. Set up your website as a blog and offer great content that demonstrates your expertise in your niche.  At tonyseel.com, I offer content on many different aspects of marketing.  My niche is advertising and marketing and my products help people like yourself create great advertising and marketing for their businesses.Optimize your website for search engines, conversions, customer retention, and email subscriber retention.  Your website can be your showroom, your sales room, and so much more for your business.
  9. Get your content out to others through social media.  Here’s help for doing this.
  10. Create an enticing lead magnet that your audience can receive in exchange for their email address.  The money is still in the list, so build an email list to build your business.
  11. Use a drip campaign to convert your leads into buyers.  You can find more information about drip campaigns here.
  12. Use a content upgrade to incentivize sign-ups to your email list.  Write a great post and then invite interested readers to sign up for your list so that they can receive your content upgrade and announcements for new content.  Using this post as an example, a content upgrade could be 50 or 100 more tips for growth hacking.
  13. Offer incentives for feedback and product reviews.  These incentives could be discounts on future purchases, prizes, you name it.
  14. Engage in communities like Quora, LinkedIn, and reddit that pertain to your niche.  Contribute, interact, and build relationships to drive targeted traffic to your website.
  15. Use widgets and popups to encourage website visitors to become email subscribers.  You may have noticed the “Get My Free Report” entry overlay to this site, and you may have signed up as a subscriber through that entry overlay (if you haven’t, do it now!) .  Many sites use entry widgets and popups because they are so effective.

Use growth hacking to build your business and get that exponential increase in sales that you’re looking for!

What would you add to the 15 tips above?  Please add your comments and questions, and your likes and shares.




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