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Whether it’s long form or short form, sales pages are where you make your money.  If you can’t write effective sales pages, chances are, your business is not profitable.  Nowadays, people are less likely to see an image, a few words, or maybe a simple product description, and click to buy a product.

So, what makes a great sales page?  Sales – that’s the only proof that matters. However, you can learn some tactics of great sales pages from the masters and your deployment of these tactics will move you in the direction of becoming a creator of great sales pages yourself.

I cover the strengths and weakness of long and short sales pages in Words That Sell video training, but here’s the long and short of it: the more expensive the product or service that you are selling, the more copy you will likely need to employ to achieve sales.  It takes more copy to sell a Rolls Royce than it does to sell a candy bar.  You can likely figure out what you need for products between the two in price and complexity.

Let’s give a thought to long copy first.  You can hire someone to do this for you, but the ones who write the copy that actually sells stuff charge thousands of dollars.  If your business is less than six figures a year, the better option for you is likely to be learn to do it yourself.  As I say in my long copy for my Words That Sell video training, you can learn to do this even if you flunked high school English!

It’s not hard, but then again, you just can’t dash off short or long copy and expect to get great sales.  Great sales demand great copy and that takes time and effort.  Here’s a dozen tips to help you step up your long and short sales pages:

  1. Write great headlines.  Obvious, right?  Without great headlines, chances are few people are going to read your copy.  If you haven’t yet received my free report on creating great headlines, click here.  If you’ve received my free report but you need more help, click here.
  2. Make the words in your first paragraph count.  If you’ve grabbed them with your headline or a great image (see number five below), this is where you can lose your readers.  Make sure you build interest with your first paragraph so they’ll want to read more.
  3. Use sub-headings liberally.  Sub-headings catch the eyes of readers (like images and your initial headline); they can compel your audience to continue reading your copy.
  4. Use readable fonts like Garamond, Baskerville, Helvetica, Arial, Courier, Verdana, and Tahoma.  Your readers will become non-readers if you make reading hard for them.  Also, don’t use any type smaller than 12 point.  Size does make a difference.  By the way, according to, Times New Roman is the least preferred type face.
  5. Use images – images increase interest and when they are congruent with your product and sales page, they’ll build your credibility with your readers.
  6. Testimonials are an effective way to let people know that others have tried your products and service and found them helpful and worth the purchase price.
  7. Only sell one product or service on a sales page.  Selling more than one product on a sales page will distract or confuse your readers.
  8. Make your readers an offer they can’t refuse.  Make your offer so compelling that your readers will know that they’d be crazy to pass it up!
  9. Make a strong guarantee that will take away any second thoughts about being gypped or scammed.  Most people don’t like risk, so you can take this objection away with your guarantee.  My guarantee for all my products is one year.  Many guarantees are for much shorter time periods than that, but if you believe in your products, why not offer an exceptional guarantee?
  10. Conclude your sales page with a strong call to action.  Calls to action are a science in themselves, and again, if you need help with this, check out my Words That Sell video training.
  11. Research has shown that one of the best ways to increase the conversion rate of your sales pages is by using a large buy button.  Perry Belcher tested design elements of buy buttons in over 10,000 transactions and found that he could increase conversion rates by 35% to 320%.  This works:
  12. jvz buy buttonResearch has shown that a P.S. is the second most well-read section of a sales page.  The headline is the most read part of any advertising, but a P.S. also attracts eyeballs, so always use at least one of them.

That’s twelve great tips.  If you have anything to add or you have a comment or question, I invite you to leave a reply.


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      Great post. I am facing a couple of these issues.

      Gregorio, what specific issues are holding you back? Tony

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