12 Tips To Double Your Sales

Businesses talk about the bottom line all the time, but if you never focus on the top line, your prospects for business success are weak. The top line is sales and here are 12 tips to increase your top line. Any one of these can increase your sales and using more of them will double your sales.

12 Tips To Double Your Sales

  1. Establish trust by demonstrating knowledge.  In any niche, the person who shows that they know the challenges of business for potential clients and customers is going to develop trust and close more sales.  Show that you are the expert that can truly help others overcome the unique challenges for their business and you will become the go-to guy or gal and you can double your sales.
  2. Expose the costs that underline the challenges facing potential customers and clients and you will further establish trust.  Show how you can help them solve their problems and how much value your approach will add to their enterprise and you can double your sales.
  3. Educate before you sell.  Education-based marketing is an effective way to increase leads and establish trust with those leads.  This is part of why a blog is such an effective tool for marketing.  As you demonstrate your expertise you authenticate your business for potential customers and clients.  One company that adopted this approach tripled their income, from $3 million to $9 million.  Education-based marketing works for small businesses also.
  4. Take your time in establishing trust.  Going right for the sale will turn off any number of prospects and kill your chances before you’ve gotten out of the starting gate.  Build a relationship before going for the sale and you can double your sales.  One way to build a relationship is to educate before selling.  Provide value up front and then ask for the sale.  Demonstrate that you know your niche before trying to sell.  It’s still true – people want to buy from someone they know, like, and trust.
  5. Double your leads.  Easy, right?  It may seem daunting, but see my post from last week on this.  Your lead magnet may be your key to doubling your leads, so look at this to see whether this is a barrier or a booster for your lead acquisition.  You may need more lead magnets to double your leads.  Do whatever it takes to double your leads and you’re on your way to doubling your sales.  Digital Marketer says “Our testing shows that a Lead Magnet that solves a specific problem can convert over 60% of the traffic to a Lead Magnet offer into a lead.”
  6. Improve the quality of your leads through targeted lead acquisition. This will help you double your sales in two ways.  First, it means more sales on the front end.  Second, it means more repeat sales.
  7. Do you have a tripwire offer?  A tripwire is a low-priced product that turns leads into buyers.  It’s a low-risk venture for a lead and if you can provide significant value in your tripwire product, you will encourage trust in your buyers.
  8.  Get your full product line in front of your current customers.  Your customers are the most likely targets for future sales.  They’ve already purchased something from you once and if you delivered a great product you have a rapport with them that far exceeds the relationship you have with others on your list or in the marketplace.
  9. Build referrals.  A happy customer or client who will recommend you to their network is invaluable.  It’s instant credibility, it costs you nothing to secure that lead, and you’ll find more genuine opportunities for future sales along this path.
  10. Create a sales funnel of great products.  It’s less likely that you will double your sales on one product, although this could happen. What’s more likely is that your sales funnel of several products will help you achieve your sales goal.  Multiple revenue streams mean more revenue, so build a great sales funnel.
  11. Look at your pricing.  Higher priced products are perceived as having higher value.  Low prices can be perceived as lacking in quality.  So, increasing the price on your products could have a positive effect on your top line.  Of course, if you are an affiliate marketer you don’t have this option.  But, if you’re selling your own products, think about this.
  12. How good is your advertising and marketing?  An improvement here can more than double sales.  Understand why people buy and apply this to your advertising and marketing.  My products are designed to quickly get you up to speed in advertising so that you can successfully market your products whether you’re an affiliate marketer or you’re selling your own products.

A Simple Formula For Doubling Your Sales

Digital Marketer provides a simple formula that breaks this all down. The equation is L x C x M x f = GP

What it means is that more Leads time more Customers times Margin times frequency equals Greater Profits.  Digital Marketer says “Doubling any of the variables above (leads, customers, margin, frequency of purchase) will double your sales.”

These are my 12 best tips, what would you add?  I welcome your comments and questions and your likes and shares.

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