12 Tips To Double Your Leads

Lead generation is the first key to a profitable business.  Unlock this door and you’ll find that it’s much easier to unlock sales.  Here are my 12 best tips for doubling your leads.

12 Tips To Double Your Leads

  1. Double your leads by carefully defining your target.  The more specific you can be on this, the better success you will have.  Pitch your efforts to this specifically defined target and you can double your leads.  Narrowing your focus is the key.  What is your target and what will be most appealing to them? The shotgun approach works for hunting birds, but if you are after big game, use a rifle – that’s the power of a well-focused target.
  2. Understand what you’re selling.  Until you have a clear idea of what you are selling you won’t have a clear message to communicate to potential leads and customers.  What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?  USP was the creation of advertising giant Rosser Reeves in the 1940s and it’s still relevant today.  What differentiates your product(s) from other similar products?
  3. Create and promote a great lead magnet.  Your lead magnet is your best ticket to lead acquisition.  You’ve got to offer value in exchange for something of value – the most valuable information for sales in contact information from prospects.  The value that you put into your lead magnet will determine how many leads you acquire from it.
  4. Use your blog as a lead magnet.  This isn’t the same quality of inducement as a lead magnet, but some will respond if you ask them to do so if you are offering them great content consistently. Create great content and invite people to join your email list to get notifications of new content.
  5. Find your most popular content on your blog and repeat it.  I do this on Throwback Thursdays.  Reposting your most popular content is a good way to increase your traffic which will increase your leads if you have a great lead magnet.
  6. Create more content for your blog.  More and varied content means more ways to attract readers.
  7. Offering more than one lead magnet on different subjects related your niche is also a way to gain leads.  Businesses are in different stages of growth and development.  Think about how you can help people in different stages through attractive and valuable lead magnets.
  8. Use video.  63% of us are visual learners and video is one of the best ways if not the best way to reach visual learners.
  9. Understand your appeal by analyzing your customers.  Who has already purchased your products or services?  Can you find a common thread that will help you in finding new and more quality leads?  If so, this can make your lead acquisition easier and your sales less costly.
  10. Referrals from your happy, satisfied customers can be a great avenue to new leads.  Invite your happy, satisfied customers to provide you with contact information for friends and associates that they believe would be receptive to your products or services.
  11. Word of mouth is a compelling way to create buzz and testimonies from happy, satisfied customers is a powerful way to use social proof to build credibility.
  12. Limit what information you ask for from potential leads.  Even asking for just an email address and not a name can boost the percentage of those who become leads.

Those are my 12 best tips for doubling your leads.  What would you add?  I welcome your comments and questions, and your likes and shares.


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