12 Tips For Marketing On Google+


With 375 million users, 300 million active monthly users, and 27 million visits a month, Google+ is another great place for marketing.  50% of Google+ users sign on daily.  Only 13% of small businesses are using G+ for marketing, so this is a platform that you can use without a lot of competition.

The average sales order that comes through Google+ is $40, according to statisticbrain.com.   Google+ users skew strongly to men (73.7%) and the most active age group using G+ is 15-34 (28%).

So, are you using this great platform for marketing?  Here are my 12 tips for maximizing your sales through Google+.

  1. Absolutely, positively, create a Google+ profile WITH a good cover photo of you.
  2. Create a Google+ page for your business.  This will make it easier for potential customers and clients to find you and see what you have to offer.  All you need to do this is a Gmail ID.  Creating a Google+ page for your business will increase your brand awareness and your reputation.
  3. Since the top Google result gets 36.4% of clicks , use Google+ to snag that top spot. 75% of internet users NEVER scroll past the first page, so even if you don’t grab the top spot, you better be on page one.  Did you know that there were over 2.1 trillion Google searches in 2013?  Google+ will help your SEO and since search is the #1 driver to content sites (it beats social media by 300%), using Google+ to drive clicks in a no-brainer.
  4.  The ideal length of a headline for Google+ is 60 characters.  Keep it short, but make it impactful.
  5. Did you know that putting your business on Google+ gets your business on Google?  Plus, your Google+ page puts you on all Google platforms, including Google Maps.  That may not seem important for an internet business, but every place you are, it builds your SEO.
  6. Use your business’ About page to link to  your website and specific pages.  Use keywords to grow your SEO and links to get potential customers and clients to click into your business pages.
  7. Add Google Author Tags to your blog.  A little bit of html will positively affect how your content appears in Google searches.  Discover how to add Google Author tags here:  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/google-author-tags/
  8. Google+ quietly dropped Shared Circles in 2015, but that shouldn’t stop you from  connecting with other users who are interested in your niche.  Browse through Communities on your Google+ page and join those that relate to your niche.  Google+ Communities are like Facebook’s Groups.  A tip within a tip: Use good social media etiquette when interacting in Communities – nobody likes hit and run targeting – you’ll appear to others like a spammer if you just come in, dump your links, and run.  Spend some time getting to know people and interacting with them.  Give them every reason to trust you before you provide links to your content – this is very similar to reddit engagement in this respect.
  9. +1 is Google’s equivalent to the “LIke” button on Facebook.  Use it liberally to show others that you appreciate their contributions and as people grow in knowing, liking, and trusting you, you can expect that they’ll drop some +1s on you!
  10. Tagging someone is similar to what I regularly do on Facebook, and this will increase your social engagement.  When you share someone else’s content, put a + before their name and a notification will be sent to them telling them that they were tagged by you.
  11. Your social engagement on Google+ should generate +1s, comments and shares.  If this is the result of your Google+ activity, you will be rewarded with better positions on Google searches.  What +1s, comments, and shares say to Google is that your content is valuable to others and  you will receive higher search rankings because of this.  If you or your content gets recommended by others in your shared circles, this will also push your search engine ranking higher.
  12. Do you enjoy chatting via video?  If so, use Google Hangouts to do this, and you can record the conversation and send it directly to YouTube.  You can use Google Hangouts for a webinar, a Q & A session, or to explain how to use your products.  Publicize your hangout times with Google+ and use this to build your authority in your niche.

Those are my 12 tips.  What would you add?  As always, I welcome your comments, questions, and shares.


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