12 Tips for LinkedIn Marketing


If you’re interested in doing business, one of the best places on the internet is LinkedIn.  While many think of LinkedIn as just another social media platform, it’s really a business platform.  LinkedIn promotes itself as the largest social network for professionals, and if that’s a niche you want to reach, LinkedIn is the best social platform to use to do so.

Here are two amazing statistics from LinkedIn:

“Studies show that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.”

Need another reason for using LinkedIn for marketing?  How about this: your audience on LinkedIn has more buying power.

LinkedIn is the place to be for business to business marketing.  But, how you present yourself makes all the difference in the world.  The world, in this case, is 500 million members, 40% of whom are on LinkedIn daily.  If that audience interests you, read on.

12 Tips for LinkedIn Marketing

  1. Optimize your personal profile.  Make your profile an enticing front door into your business.  Use a good picture and logo to create a banner that engages viewers.  Give people a reason to step through that door by demonstrating what you can do for them.  What problems does your business solve for them?  What are the benefits of a business relationship with you?
  2. Content is king.  LinkedIn is so much more than a place for your digital resume.  9 billion content impressions happen on average every week on LinkedIn.  Professionals go to LinkedIn for high-quality content, and if you can provide it, they’ll come to you.  Influencers like Bill Gates and Richard Branson use LinkedIn to disseminate long-form essays.  Use your content to drive prospects to click into your marketing funnel.
  3. On LinkedIn you can post your own blog posts under Articles to supplement your blog on your own domain.  It’s completely free and it’s a great way to attract the attention of professionals interested in your niche.  Create excellent content to drive interest in your company.
  4. Use your articles to demonstrate that you are an authority in your niche.  There are two elements to authority: visibility and credibility.  It does no good if you are an authority that no one knows about.  Second, if everyone knows you, but you have no credibility, you’re not an authority.  How do you establish credibility?  By providing solutions to problems in your niche.  Once people see that you can do that, they’ll return to you time and time again.
  5. Stay engaged with your LinkedIn pages.  If you’re not engaged, why would you expect anyone else to be engaged with you?  Post frequently, update your content frequently and reply to comments in a timely fashion.
  6. Make good contributions to LinkedIn discussion groups in your niche.  This is another way to establish your authority status.
  7. Use LinkedIn analytics to better understand who you’re reaching.  LinkedIn analytics gives you audience demographics, page views, unique visitors, impressions, clicks, and other relevant data.
  8. Do you have a company page?  A company page is a great way to build your brand.  It’s a place where you can showcase your products and services, share content, company news, even job postings.  Click here to get started on this.
  9. Do you have a showcase page?  LinkedIn showcase pages are a great way to display your products and services.  It can serve as an extension of your company page.  Think of your showcase page as a new marketing channel for your best marketing segment.  You can highlight a specific product or service, or highlight specific campaigns or events.
  10. Use photographs.  According to Elite Marketing Pro, “Research shows that LinkedIn profiles with photographs get 36x more messages than those without.”  And there’s more to this story: “The same study showed that having a photo gets you up to 2,100% more page views.”   One more piece: a professional headshot receives 14 times more views.
  11. Video content on LinkedIn gets even more attention.  How much more attention?  LinkedIn will show your video to a five times bigger audience.  Note: video needs to be uploaded through the LinkedIn mobile app.
  12. You can cross post your content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to build your exposure.  Or, for even greater impact, create content specifically for LinkedIn.  Here’s why.  Posting to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest means that you’re likely hitting the same audience multiple times, which is fine.  But, LinkedIn is different than those social media outlets.  Frequent short messages on LinkedIn are not a good way to build the kind of exposure that you want with business professionals.  Give your LinkedIn audience your very best content, not frothy social stuff.  Always remember: you’re a professional marketing to other professionals.

What would you add to these tips?  I invite your comments and qeustions and your likes and shares.




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