12 Tips For Getting More Social Media Followers


Social Media Marketing can be an essential component for any online marketing strategy, but how can you make it most effective?  One goal for your SMM should be growing your base of followers.  Here are twelve tips for doing just that.

  1. Choose the channel or channels that will be best for your content.  Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or other media channels, there will be some that work best for you.  Find those channels and use them well.
  2. Follow others in your own niche, particularly influencers.  Comment on their content, but also take notice of what they’re talking about.  How are they communicating?  Take time to learn from the influencers in your niche.
  3. Reshare good content from others.  Find a good balance between your content and the content of others.  This will do two things – you’ll get noticed by the person who created the content that you’re sharing and could incline them to share your content at some point, and it helps your followers by exposing them to content that can help them.
  4. Have a strategy concerning how you will differentiate your content from others.  How will you stand out?  While it’s good to learn from influencers in your niche, it’s not good to be a “me-too” personality.  Develop your own online persona that enables you to stand out from the crowd.
  5. Share frequently.  Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, or some other social media platform, stay in the game.  The general rule is that the more you share, the more followers you will gain.  As a metric, CoSchedule recommends posting 15 times a day to Twitter, four posts a day to LinkedIn, and one post a day to Facebook.
  6. Did you know that there are two types of social media posters – some are “mesharers” and others are informers.  Be the second kind.   Most people don’t want to know every detail of your life.  A Rutgers University study revealed that informers have twice as many followers as mesharers.
  7. According to Chartbeat, the best time to share is between 1 pm and 3 am.  Obviously, with different time zones, if your audience is international, it’s 1 pm somewhere when you post, whatever time it is where you sit.  Find the time window that’s best for when the bulk of your followers and those you want to follow you are most available.
  8. Provide great content.  It matters what you write, and the quality of your writing will demonstrably affect how many followers you can add to your audience.  Keep your posts a reasonable length, don’t hard sell, use images, and inform and educate through your posts.
  9. Offer timely responses to those who comment on your content.  The rule for Twitter is to respond within one hour.  If it’s a complaint, respond even faster.
  10. Produce great content on your blog.  Great graphics including infographics are a great way to get social media shares.  Definitely have social media sharing buttons on your blog to make it easy for your readers to share your content.  A click to tweet plugin is a good way to encourage sharing.
  11. Create videos.  Videos do well on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  By the way, images do well on Twitter.
  12. Business Insider and Facebook both report that milestone posts do well.  Weddings, graduations, birthdays, and awards are some of the milestones that CoSchedule suggest.  Just don’t become a mesharer too often.

Those are my 12 best tips; what would you add?  I invite your comments and questions and your likes and shares.


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