12 Tips For Generating More Leads


Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business.  Without a regular flow of new leads, your business will suffer.  With new leads being added on a regular basis, you are expanding your universe of potential buyers.

So, how do you find new leads?  Here are my 12 best tips for lead generation.

  1. Use video.  Did you know that 65% of us are visual learners?  That’s right, and what works best with visual learners?  Video.
  2. Your business needs great landing pages.  A landing page is a web page that is designed to capture email addresses and if this isn’t working, your ability to capture leads will be severely hampered.  Your landing pages need great headlines, a great offer, and a great call to action.  This link will take you to one of my landing pages.
  3. Generate leads from your website by offering valuable, relevant content to your readers.  High quality content gets likes and shares and that sends even more potential leads to  your website.  One way to check the quality of your content is to do a content audit.  That will be the subject of next Tuesday’s post.
  4. Create evergreen content.  Evergreen content is content that will always be valuable and relevant.  Dated information in the Information Age is a disappointment and downer to readers.  Doing a content audit will help you identify your most-read posts.  Updating popular posts and adding a call to action can improve your lead generation.  I use Throwback Thursdays for this purpose.
  5. Add valuable, relevant content to your blog on a regular basis.  This will build your SEO, which will build your audience.  This blog is filled with information that you can use for your internet business.  I create new content on a regular basis to help you and others build great businesses.  This website generates leads because it offers valuable content.  Yours will too when you offer valuable and relevant content.
  6. Is your website optimized for SEO and lead generation?  SEO optimization insures that more people will see your content; having the right widgets and presentation insures that you will receive the highest number of leads.  You can see the widgets that I use on my website.  Do you have the same or similar widgets on your website?
  7. If your website is set up as a blog, as mine is, you will be demonstrating your expertise in your niche for potential customers and clients.  This gets back to offering valuable, relevant content to your readers.  Doing this helps your readers to know, like, and trust you, and that generates leads and sales.
  8. Are you using social media effectively to generate leads?  This could have been #1 given the importance of social media today.  Does your business have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  I have written extensively about social media over the last few months.  Social media can be a powerful source for leads.  Also, make sure that you make it easy to share your content via social media.
  9. Don’t mention spam!  I learned about this from unbounce.  Michael Aagard tested the phrase “100% privacy – we will never spam you!” on a signup form and he found that it reduced conversions by a 18%.
  10. Give one clear and concise call to action.  This is based on Hick’s Law: every added choice increases the time required to make a decision.  More time can mean more frustration, which is never productive.  More choices create more difficulty, so keep it simple with one clear, concise call to action.  MySite Auditer decreased the options from six to one on a free trial signup page and that one change increased their conversion rate by 25%.
  11. Optimize your About page and add a call to action.  Tell people who you are and convince them why they should work with you and you will get some leads.
  12. Pop-ups can increase leads, but not always.  I stopped using a pop-up because my leads decreased while I was using it.  I have switched to less obtrusive ways of generating leads and they have performed better.  Don’t be afraid of experimenting to find what works best for your business.

Those are my 12 best tips; what would you add?  As always, I welcome your comments and questions, your likes and shares.


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