10 Ways to Explode Your Conversion Rates!

By Tony Seel

Whether it’s gathering email addresses to a list or closing a sale, conversion rate optimization is crucial for the success of your business. But, how do you optimize your conversion rate?

Grow Your List!

  1. Let’s start with your list-building. One of the simplest tweaks that you can make to your WordPress website that will effortlessly add email subscribers is to use a pop-up plugin. The one I use is a free WordPress plug-in called Hustle. I’ve tried others, but Hustle works the best for me. Try it out and see how well it works for you.
  2. Another way to grow your list is with a Chat Bot on your social media business accounts. I’m using ChatFuel right now on one of my Facebook pages. It’s free and easy to set up. There are others also, like ManyChat and DialogFlow. There are also Chat Bots for Twitter and websites.
  3. How good is your lead magnet? Even better, do you have a number of lead magnets? If so, which one performs the best? Lead magnets are an important way and incentive to encourage prospects to connect with you. A high-converting lead magnet can explode your business.
  4. How’s the content that you create or curate for your website. Better content = higher conversions. Hook your prospects with your headling, draw them in further with your first paragraph, and keep them reading with every word and sentence that follows. Engage with your audience long enough that they get to your call to action.
  5. On a related topic, how is your SEO? High-value keywords can attract a bigger audience to your website and give you a better chance to add more subscribers to your email list.
  6. How fast is your site? If your site loads slowly, you are likely losing potential customers. There are a number of good WordPress plug-ins that can help you with this.
  7. Do you know the pain points, problems, challenges, obstacles, and frustrations of your target audience? Without this knowledge, it will be difficult to connect with them. With this knowledge, you can create high-quality content that is most helpful for them. Identify their motivations and desired outcomes and speak to them, person to person, about your solution.

Improve Your Sales Conversions Now!

Let’s move on to ways to improve your sales conversions.

  1. Do you offer guarantees for your products? All my products come with a full year guarantee. Some have 7,14,30, or 60 day guarantees. If you have confidence in your products, your guarantee should reflect that and it will add credibility with your potential buyers.
  2. Something as simple as changing the color of your call to action button can increase conversions. Consider doing some A/B testing on this.
  3. Finally, let’s talk about micro-commitments. Another phrase for this is minimum viable actions. Start small and easy, the smallest possible action. It could be just getting a “yes” to a question that you ask. A series of micro-commitments can build momentum to a larger commitment. Minimum viable actions take us from passivity and inaction to movement. Help people to get started!

A typical sales funnel starts with a lead magnet, progresses to a low-priced product or service, and moves onto a higher priced product or service. It all begins with micro-commitments.

In the final analysis, I have to agree with billionaire investor Ben Horowitz, who says, “There are no silver bullets, only lots of lead bullets.” Keep tweaking, one tweak at a time (more than one tweak at a time makes it so that you can’t tell which tweak worked), and see what improves your conversion rates the most.

What has worked best for you for your list building and making more sales? Let others know in the comments section!

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